Meet the Designer

You know how when you walk into a boutique and you see jewelry that you can just TELL is high quality but you reach for it anyway..... very casually turn the tag around to glimpse the price because MAYBE it won't be as expensive as it looks.... then you see the price, while showing no sign of sticker shock on your face at all, because that would reflect "cheaply" on you.  You then continue to fake browse knowing that you can't afford ANYTHING in this shop at all while slowly mosying out the door....
THAT is the quality of products that we source while making it actually affordable!!



Let me tell you a little about Bonnie and how Squirrels Treasure came about....

This is Bonnie with her husband Jeff on a buying trip in Los Angeles, CA.

Bonnie graduated with a Bachelors in Fashion Design and Merchandising, after graduation, she began a career working in Corporate America.  She has been successful in business but always dreamt of one day being able to do what she loved to do... CREATE.  

While living in large cities all around the US such as San Antonio, Dallas, Raleigh, Atlanta, San Diego, Miami, now Nashville, and traveling to other countries, she gained great appreciation for different cultures and styles that resonate around the world.  While living in both Texas and California she fell in love with the Mexican traditions of the Milagros, The Day of the Dead, the strong Catholic traditions of using rosary beads for prayer and for gifts for family and friends passed down through generations.  While in college she took some time studying World Religions which gave her great respect and love for Buddhist and Hindu artwork.  The timeless nature of tradition and culture sparked her curiosity.... 

"I fell in love with the things that people treasure and hold dear.  What struck me in the study of other cultures is that we use 'things' to make us feel safe, special, and even beautiful... THAT is one thing that is the same across every walk of life.  Pictures, Jewelry, religious artifacts, and old dolls or toys from childhood are all things that people treasure and pass down from generation to generation." 

Rummaging through flea markets and antique stores are her favorite pastime and she frequents them all over the world.  

"What I find so curious is that people's treasures end up here... for others to buy.... and its considered JUNK!  It hurts my heart to see old lockets, rosaries, antique family photos, heirloom jewelry, broken and overly loved doll parts left to die... so I buy them all and give them beautiful new life.  They deserve to be able to live on and create even more of a story."

Bonnie loves the "soul" that true antique and vintage pieces have... 


"They have lived a life and seen so many things, and been so many places that we will never know and can only imagine... can you imagine where these antique dress and shoe clips, old keys, elaborate broaches and cocktail rings from the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's have been?!?!  That gives me such excitement!!"

As you can see Bonnie pours her heart, soul, and imagination into her designs.  She wants her jewelry to live and be loved.  

"I want vintage jewelry lovers to SEE and FEEL the quality of these pieces, quality that is lost on jewelry today, we will never again see the quality that was put into jewelry back then.  Then, I want them to not buy ONE piece that they will treasure forever but TONS of pieces!!!!  I make it affordable so that when they visit Squirrel's Treasure they can leave with a handful."

Bonnie's treasures come from vintage stores, antique stores, flea markets, independant collectors, and new/old stock factories. They feature findings from around the world, such as Mexico, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, and Pisac Peru (The Sacred Valley of the Incas).  

This is an image from CJS Sales Vintage Findings Wholesale Warehouse in NYC.


When you own a piece of jewelry from Squirrel's Treasure, you know that the item was handpicked and inspiration was taken from each heritage to make it a true treasure!

Commissioned pieces are also available upon request.


Where did the name Squirrel's Treasure come from?

"In October of 2015 my dog Skeeter brought in a baby squirrel that he had well loved.... he had kissed her all over and then laid her down for me to nurture.  We raised this sweet squirrel from a baby.  She was just amazing and so, so inspiring.  She showed me that not only humans keep treasures... she would pick up anything that she found special... a nut, a tube of lipstick, piece of jewelry, even kleenex!!  If it was within her reach it was fair game.  She would hide these things in her nest and sleep with them, one in a while she would bring things back out for exchange but for the most part, she had a treasure trove of goods in there at all times!"

Thus, Squirrel's Treasure was born.  Squeeker the Squirrel was released in June of 2016 and is off in the wild living the life of a very happy squirrel.   You can visit her Facebook page @ Squeeker the Squirrel.

Bonnie and SqueekerOne of Squeekers Treasures.she drank her water from a cupSqueeker and her savior